Best entrance book for class 11th JMI entrance exam 2021

Best Entrance book for class 11th (science, arts, and commerce) | Here I am discussing about the Entrance Book you can prefer for class 11th jmi entrance exam for you.

So, let me clarify firstly one thing that almost 11k to 15k students every year enroll for the entrance test of JMI. And they are fighting for 300 to 400 seats only.

This is a kind of cut-throat competition. So, every student is searching here and there for study materials and guides.

Let me tell you one thing, your books matter more. Rely more upon class 10th maths and science books. I am providing you with some books which will only guide you. It will not land you in JMI school.

You have to do hard work. Solve each and every question from this book honestly. And do revise your NCERT book

Best Entrance Book 11th jmi


Follow your NCERT book first. Then look upon this book.

Commerce And Arts/Humanities

Follow your NCERT book first. Then look upon this book.

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So hope you went through the recommended books for the class 11th jmi entrance exam. I personally find Shafique Rehman books are more relevant to students with an entrance exam perspective. He tried very well to put out important questions by covering all topics.

So I would like you to first go through your NCERT book and grab the concepts completely. Now its turn to switch this book and solve each question. And if you have doubts, then get help from your school tutors or GURUCOOL home tutors.

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