Jamia School Entrance Syllabus For Class 6

Jamia entrance test syllabus for class 6th: Before starting with preparation, you should aware of the syllabus first. As the exam dates already announced on the respective day mentioned below. You should now focus on the entrance now.

Knowing the Procedure right now is the most important priority to focus on. You should familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus first. Here, I am discussing the Jamia entrance test syllabus for class 6th.

Important Information

Class 6th
Total No. Of Seats 45 (Through Entrance)
24 (Underpaid seats)
Admit Card Released at www.jmicoe.in
Test Date & Timing 3rd week of May 2020
Result Date Second week of June 2020

Jamia School Entrance Syllabus 2019

As we know that JMI entrance test syllabus of class 6th will be of the previous class only i,e 5th class that too purely based on NCERT book. But the entrance exam is quite competitive. So, you have to cover some topics from class 6th and 7th too to get selected into the entrance exam.

Recommended guide for entrance exam:

Environmental Studies (EVS)

  1. Super Senses
  2. From Tasting to Digesting
  3. Experiments with water
  4. A snake charmers story
  5. Mangoes Round the year
  6. Seeds
  7. Every Drops Count
  8. Experiments with Water
  9. A Treat For Mosquitoes
  10. Up You Go
  11. Walls Tell
  12. Sunita in Space
  13. What If It Finishes
  14. A Shelter So
  15. When The Earth Shook
  16. Blow Hot, Blow Cold
  17. Who Will Do This Work
  18. Across The Wall
  19. No Place For Us
  20. A Seed Tells Farmer’s Story
  21. Whose Forests
  22. Like Father Like Daughter
  23. On The Move


  1. The Fish Tale
  2. Shapes and Angles
  3. How many Squares
  4. Parts and wholes
  5. Does it look the same?
  6. Be my multiple, I’ll be your factor
  7. Can you see the pattern?
  8. Mapping Your Way
  9. Boxes and Sketches
  10. Tenths and Hundredths
  11. Area and its boundary
  12. Smart Charts
  13. Ways to Multiply and Divide
  14. How Big? How Heavy?


  1. Adjectives
  2. Nouns
  3. Simple Past Test
  4. Questions Words Using “How, What, When, Where and Why
  5. Opposite words beginning with un – in, dis, im
  6. Use of Punctuation
  7. Use of Pronoun
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. Exclamatory words


I hope you got the Jamia entrance syllabus class 6th and started preparation from today itself. I recommend you to buy Shafiqur Rehman books and practice questions from there. It will help a lot in your exams.

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