JMI School Entrance Syllabus For Class 11 [Year 2024]

JMI class 11th entrance syllabus 2024: Before starting with preparation for the Jamia entrance exam class 11th science, commerce or arts, you should aware of the syllabus first.

As the exam dates are already announced on the respective day mentioned below. And new registration for this year 2024 is closed now. You should now focus on the entrance now.

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Knowing the exact exam pattern, eligibility criteria and syllabus are the most important things to understand now as a student. Here, I am discussing the jmi class 11th entrance syllabus 2024 for the science, commerce, and arts streams.

Note: Forms are out.

Important Information

Total No. Of Seats11th science: 195
11th commerce: 120
11th arts: 190
Admit CardRelease at
Test Date & TimingSci: Notified soon
Com: Notified soon
Arts: Notified soon
Result Date6th June 2024 ( Most Probably )

jmi class 11th entrance syllabus 2024

As we know that the JMI entrance test syllabus of class 11th 2024 ( science, commerce, and arts) will be based on the previous class only i,e 10th class that too purely based on the NCERT book.

But the entrance exam is quite competitive. Approx 12,000 to 15,000 students enrol for admission but out of these only 200 students get into Jamia Millia Islamia.

So, you have to cover some important topics from class 10th not from NCERT only but from other reference books like maths R. D Sharma, Pradeep for science too to get selected into the entrance exam.

Exam Pattern: JMI Class 11th Syllabus

CLASS XI Science

English: 25

G.K.: 10

Physics:15, Chemistry:15, Biology:15

Maths: 20

Total 100


English 25

G.K. 15

Social Science 60

Total 100


English 25

G.K. 10

Maths 25

Social Science 40

Total of 100 marks

Syllabus class 11th JMI 2024


(This Syllabus is for all three streams, viz, Science, Arts, and Commerce)

  1. Kinds of Sentences: Assertive, Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory and Optative.
  2. Tenses: All Tenses, Formation and Usage.
  3. Narration: Assertive, Imperative and Interrogative, simple sentences only.
  4. Questions based on the unseen passage.

Syllabus for Admission Test to Class 11th in Science 2024


  • Acids, Bases, and Salt
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Metals and Non-metals
  • Carbon Compounds
  • Periodic Classification of Elements


  • Life process
  • Control and Co-ordination in Animals and Plants
  • Reproduction
  • Heredity and Evolution


  • Effects of Current
  • Magnetic Effects of Current
  • Light
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • The Regional Environment
  • Our Environment


  • Number System
  • Real Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Polynomials
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic Progression
  • Trigonometry
  • Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Height and Distances
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Triangles
  • Circles
  • Mensuration
  • Surface Areas and Volumes
  • Statistics and Probability

JMI class 11th Arts and Commerce Stream Syllabus 2024

SubjectsSyllabus In Detail
Social Science (History)1. Nationalism in Europe
2. Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
3. Nationalism in India: Non-Cooperation and Civil
4. Disobedience Movements
5. Industrialization 1850s – 1950
6. Urbanization and Urban Lives
7. Trade and Globalization
8. Print Culture and Nationalism
9. History of the Novel
Geography1. Resources
2. Natural Resources
3. Forest and Wildlife Resources
4. Agriculture
5. Water Resources
6. Mineral Resources
7. Power Resources
8. Manufacturing Industries
9. Transport, Communication, and Trade
Civics (Political Science)1. Power Sharing Mechanism in Democracy
2. Working of Democracy
3. Competition and Contestations in Democracy
4. Outcomes of Democracy
5. Challenges to Democracy
Economics1. The Story of Development
2. The Role of the Service Sector in the Indian Economy
3. Money and Financial System
4. Globalization and the Indian Economy
5. Consumer Awareness
For Commerce Students Only Elementary Mathematics


I hope that you got the jmi class 11th entrance syllabus and will start preparation from today itself.

I would recommend you to buy Shafiquer’s Rehman Book class 11th and solve every question. In the end, you will have a great grip on basic knowledge and questions that used to come in exam tests.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    SIR, please tell me the exact date of the entrance exam for class 11 in 2022.
    As online information is not reliable as your
    sir pls tell ASAP

  2. Respected Sir,
    SIR please tell me the exact date of the entrance exam for class 11.
    As online information is not reliable as your
    sir pls tell ASAP

  3. Pls provide detailed syllabus for class 11 science jmi 2022!

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    • Mentioned in this article. there is no separate exam for PCM and PCB. All Is just a science stream exam for both. later on while admission you will get a chance to choose PCM or PCB.

  6. Is the syllabus will reduce of (science) 21-22 ? And any have the previous year question paper so please send me.


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