Best entrance book for class 9th JMI Entrance Exam 2022

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Class 9th Entrance Book JMI: Approx 8,000 to 9,000 students every year enrol for the JMI entrance test class 9th. And the competition is quite high. There are only 200 to 300 seats available for class 9th. This is a kind of cut-throat competition. So, every student is searching here and there for study materials and guides.

Let me tell you one thing, just go through your class 8th syllabus first. Rely more upon class 8th books like maths, science, English grammar and Social studies. I am providing you with some books which will only guide you only. It will not land you in JMI school for sure. You have to do hard work.

Firstly cover each chapter of your book. Buy the given entrance guide book and solve each and every question from it.

Class 9th Entrance Book for Class 9th JMI


This is the best entrance book I got so far. Most of the questions are quite relevant to the NCERT syllabus and according to the competition point of view. You will easily solve it if you are clear with your concepts. 

 Note: As a told you earlier that, Don’t rely upon this book only. Go through your NCERT book first.

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