Best CRM for Painting Contractors 2022

Demand for painting contractors in 2022 is driven by construction activity. Global construction is predicted to increase by 3.6% per year through 2022, reaching about $13 trillion.

When the painting contractors industry is flourishing, you have new customers coming from all sides, and you’re settling sale after sale, the last thing you want to do is run through a disordered spreadsheet to track your customer data.

Time is the most important asset we have; it must be used carefully. As a painting contractor, you want your workers to use time efficiently.

But to make sure that follows, you must monitor things efficiently or it could cost you and your firm thousands of dollars per year due to unexpected pay and incorrect reporting.

What is CRM in the Painting Industry?

CRM software acts as a single source of accuracy for prospect and customer information, allowing you to strengthen relationships and create data-driven decisions. For top-performing painting contractors, CRM is a quintessential tool for managing a robust pipeline in a way that saves time and brainpower. Here are some of the key highlights a CRM delivers to make your business more manageable:

  • Organize prospective customer information.
  • Calendars and Scheduling
  • Follow up with leads automatically.
  • Work Order Management.
  • Inventory Management
  • Job costing calculator so that you can get an exact quote.
  • Online payments.

We carefully researched dozens of the most desirable options in the market and narrowed it down to the five best CRM for painting contractors to assist you to make your choice as smooth as possible.

The Best CRMs for Painting Contractors: 

1. Jobber

Jobber is developed keeping painting contractors in mind. From the client’s request to the time you’re paid, Jobber’s simple and crisp app (iOS and Android) brings everything collectively to make the entire work and customer experience smooth.

Painting contractors face several hurdles, pricing out projects, catching up with prospects, managing deposits for up-front materials. Sending out detailed invoices that cover time spent and materials utilized. Jobber assists you to look professional from day one, starting work without obstructions and getting paid on time.

Jobber helps you generate neat, elegant, and simple-to-understand quotes and estimations. Create and instantly send custom quotes with unique line items.

  • Keep your team on time with quick, flexible scheduling
  • See your team’s current progress and position
  • Obtain the data you need to quote a job
  • Estimate time for each job, or clock in to track your day as a whole
  • Add quick notes and share photo with your team 
  • Maintain a record of all your expenditures and receipts

Jobber helps you assure that every hour is logged, and every penny goes to the final invoice. That way you can collect what you earned and price out every job correctly going forward.

2. Builder Prime

Designed especially for painting contractors with a workflow that simply makes sense. Keeps you up to date with key data so you continuously know how to focus your sales and marketing actions.

You can easily automate your lead and sales management processes with:

  • powerful scheduling tools,
  • simple and beautiful proposal generation,
  • to-do tasks and reminders,
  • automated triggers,
  • integrated legally binding eSignatures and much more.

Your work doesn’t end once you’ve made the sale. You still have your production to run! To manage all that Builder Prime CRM also provides you with powerful tools to handle your workers, your inventory, your invoicing, you can also manage your subcontractors and even pay them online.

You will be able to examine your profits on every project, and even each task on a project, so you know exactly how much money you are making.

All of the data and actions about a lead or a client are instantly available in the client dashboard to anyone that you decide should have access.

3. CorkCRM

CorkCRM is specially created for painting contractors. You can schedule meetings, create and send e-proposals, automated emails, send bills, schedule jobs, manage timecards, and much more.

A clean and minimal UI and simple workflow allow you to retrieve the information you need quickly.

Just like Builder Prime, CorkCRM is also mobile responsive so you don’t have to install any app on your phone, just log in to their website using your mobile browser and you’re good to go.

Workers on the field can enter time on their mobile when they’re at lunch or when they’re winding up for the day, without needing to access a computer.

You can also set employee salaries so you know exactly what you’re investing in labor for each job. You can compare different parameters to know precisely where you stand with each job, at any point in time. CorkCRM enables you to have total control over your process.

4. JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a CRM suitable for home service businesses. Manage your meetings, jobs, and plans straight down the line accompanying complete reporting capabilities.

JobNimbus is the most flexible and most comfortable to use construction software and can also be used by painting contractors. Track leads, jobs, and tasks from one straightforward dashboard. You can access your information wheresoever you are, get everyone along the same line, and expand your business.

With JobNimbus, contractors can handle all their contacts in one hub. Contacts can be imported from various sales channels including emails and phone calls.

Project managers can define the sequence of work easily specify tasks to their teams, monitor process, and send notifications to customers and other stakeholders.

You can store and organize all the documents and related photos using the document-management functionality. Send digitally signed documents to your clients and subcontractors.

5. OctopusPro

OctopusPro is a cloud-based solution for painting contractors and other field service providers. Their mobile app (iOS and Android) can be used by your field workers anywhere, anytime, even offline.

OctopusPro provides users scheduling capabilities that enable them to handle bookings and meetings, receive or refuse services and reschedule or drop earlier bookings. Users are also equipped with functionalities to maintain contacts, their queries, and quality assurance activities.

You can create and export live reports on all your bookings, contractors, transactions, workers, payments, and clients with built-in advanced filters.

Why call your field workers when you can chat? With the official OctopusPro app you can chat with your onfield workers for a quick update.

With OctopusPro you can:

  • Generate invoices and email them to the customers.
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Track the progress of your ongoing projects
  • Get automatic reminders
  • Store data safely in the cloud


No one desires to suffer through the pain of picking the wrong software. And making that important choice isn’t always simple.

The best CRM for painting contractors in 2022 gives you the capability to precisely track the progress, your inventory, estimate project cost, and support your team’s convenience and hardware requirements.

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