Answer Key class 9 Jamia 2019

Answer Key class 9 JMI 2019: As the exam has already conducted on 18 May 2019. Around 8,000 to 9,000 students attended this exam And the total seat is 330 including boys and girls. Go through JMI official prospectus of this year to know more. Or, you can refer to this article for more details.

Update: Jamia Class 9th Result will out on 9th June 2019 most probably.

As we know, the admission procedure in schools of JMI is solely dependent on the entrance exam. This entrance exam was of 100 questions. Out of which, 25 questions were from Science, 30 questions from Maths, 25 from English and 20 from Social studies.

Entrance Exam class 9 Jamia 2019

English: Easy

Maths: Easy

Science: Easy

Social Science: Moderate

Overall: Paper Was Easy

The question paper was easy and scoring and was not hard as it was in the class 6 entrance paper where a lot of questions were out of syllabus. Cut-off is expected to be high.

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Answer Key class 9 Jamia 2019


1-B 2-D 3-D 4-B 5-D 6-D 7-D  8-A 9-D 10-D
11-A 12-D 13-D 14-A 15-C 16-B 17-B 18-A 19-D 20-C
21-A 22-D 23-B 24-A 25-D 26-D 27-B 28-D 29-C 30-D
31-B 32-D 33-D 34-C 35-C 36-B 37-B 38-A 39-A 40-B
41-C 42-C 43-B 44-B 45-A 46-A 47-C 48-B 49-B 50-D
51-A 52-D 53-B   54-B 55-A 56-A 57-B 58-D 59-A 60-B
61-D 62-B 63-A 64-C 65-A 66-A 67-B 68-B 69-D 70-C
71-A 72-B 73-A 74-C 75-A   76-D 77-C 78-A 79-C 80-C
81-A 82-C 83-B 84-B 85-B 86-D  87-A 88-D 89-A 90-A
91-C 92-D 93-A 94-A 95-B 96-A 97-D 98-C 99-A 100-D

SET- A and B

We will be Publishing Soon.

NOTE: This is not the official answer key released by Jamia Millia Islamia. This answer key is prepared by B.Tech students of JMI and it is correct as per our concern. But if you found any disparency or mistakes. Kindly comment it below. So, that we can correct it.

Answer Key class 9 Jamia 2019

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